Alicia Hamm

„2015 – The Year of the Aims“

Alicia Hamm

Černý los A female shaman from Argentina who has taken the name „Bridge“ in her first initiation, Alicia follows the tradition of Indian tribes (Lakota and Hopi) from North and South America. Her biggest teachers included Wallace – the Black Elk, her main and most important master and further more the „Swift Deer“, the „Brave Buffalo“, the „Lord of the Winds“, the Inca master Don Eduard, Franco Gabriel Hernández and others.

At her workshops, she works with the Medicine wheel, a shamanic healing technique, and the Lakota Dream School. She also works with the pendulum, with crystals, teaches aura cleansing by smokinng with the sacred salvia and bird feathers, chakra opening, soul localization, meditation. Through these methods, she shows people how to transform and dissolve their blocks. She works in the traditional way, to honor the spirits and to heal and honor Mother Earth. Her approach is based upon the principle that says that she is only an instrument, the Bridge. She holds her seminars by channelling.

Through her healing, Alicia can localize our blocks precisely, dissolving them in a soft way, leading us into our centre, into connection with the forces of Nature, into our simplicity. She can strengthen our spiritual powers.

During the last years, she has been holding her seminars mainly in Austria and Germany. In the year 2006, Alicia has visited the Czech Republic for the first time, and we will have a chance to encounter her at lectures and seminars in 2008 as well.

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